Over the last few weeks, we have received supports and endorsements from several public figures. Sogi Indra Dhuaja is a comedian and morning show radio presenter for kids. Sogi is also a founder of Ayah ASI, a social movement for fathers to support mothers to breastfeed their babies. Ayah ASI has over 420,000 followers on twitter and 37,400 on instagram. Sogi has happily accepted PREDIKT invitation to be the moderator for the launching at @america. Our next supporter is Widi Mulia Sunarya, a mom, an actress, and a prominent singer. A lot of families in Indonesia knows her also as part of the Sasonos Family who is famous in Instagram with followers of over 43,000 in Instagram. Widi has also been posting her experiences in playing PREDIKT with her kids in their instastories. Our next backer is Saskhya Aulia Prima, a reknowned child pyschologist who also a founder of TigaGenerasi, a center where parents can consult and gain information about parenting in Indonesia. TigaGenerasi IG has already reached overr 65,000 followers. Both Saskhya and Widi will take part in the launching as resource persons for the talkshow at the launching.

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