In August 2018, a series of powerful earthquakes hit Lombok Island, a popular tourism spot in the eastern part of Indonesia. The latest figure from the government shows that more than 560 people died and more than 400,000 people displaced. Since the beginning of the first strong earthquake in August 5th, there have been more than 867 aftershocks and some of them are still powerful earthquakes. Based on an inter-agency assessment, it is imperative that the earthquake affected people to be educated regarding disaster preparedness because they are currently living in fear, distress, and highly concerned with aftershocks and secondary hazards from earthquakes (i.e. tsunamis, landslides, liquifaction, and building fire). Therefore, the PREDIKT team collaborate together with World Vision Indonesia for the PREDIKT toolkit to be used in the child friendly spaces that they set up. Through this approach, the children can learn disaster preparedness while playing the PREDIKT toolkit.

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